QC/QA/Software Testing Training Videos Free

I've listed some useful videos that would be beneficial for  beginners or some one who wants to understand software testing from scratch. These are free and best  videos that I found on YouTube.

You can watch these in sequence. The first three videos discusses the fundamental and the 4th and 5th playlist has the information in depth.

1) Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing




3) Software Testing Tutorial for beginners


4) Manual Testing Tutorials: 34+ videos


5)Software Testing Videos: 9+ videos

Maven use local jar without installing

You can install a local jar by using  mvn install:install-file command/goal as I discussed in my earlier blog post. This ensures the re-usability of jar file across your projects but as a drawback, this requires every team member and build server to run the same command/goal to build their project.

To avoid to the manual hassle, you can add the .jar in pom.xml file without running the mvn install:install-file goal. The idea is to refer a .jar from your project base directory using the <systemPath> element.

In example below, I put my jar files to /myjars directory and point to the jar file as
        <systemPath>${project.basedir}/myjars/[Jar file name]</systemPath>

Directory Structure




For web project (war files )

If you are working on a web project, the above configuration won't add the jars to war file by default. You need to do following.

Here we are asking maven-war-plugin to add all jar ( **/*.jar) from  ${project.basedir}/myjars  to WEB-INF/lib folder when creating the war file.